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EmailTrainer takes care of your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) needs.
We enable you to set-up and schedule your course in minutes.

Key Benefits

Some key features you'll have by using

Online setup

Schedule, edit & monitor your courses directly on our website.

Multiple designs

Our beautiful templates will ensure the training message is clearly conveyed.

Fast Email Delivery

We use state-of-the-art technology to delivery all emails in a timely manner.

Personalized Emails

Emails are personalized for each user & tailored to their requirements.

Track performance

Track completion and engage with users that need encouragement or help.

Encourage interaction

Users can engage directly with the tutors by replying to emails.

Our Product

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This is what you & your students can expect when using our application.

Zero LMS solution

Schedule all your training courses to be delivered by email. No complicated LMS software required.

Hassle free

Avoid the hassle of managing user-names & passwords. Each email contains an encrypted link allowing students to easily edit their profile.

Joy of learning

Bring the joy back to learning by allowing the students to decide how often they learn. Encourage learning every day.

Simple to use

As we use email, training courses can be read on smart phones, tablets or desktop computers. Learn absolutely anywhere when you have the time.

Its awesome

EmailTrainer just works

Give control of training back to the students, let them pick how often they should learn.

If your industry has CPD (Continuous Professional Development) requirements, we can help create a course to ensure that your staff are regularly trained and their certification is remains valid. We can help you meet requirements to maintain qualification.

Continuous Professional Development
Structured learning, active learning & reflective learning.

New hires to your business need help learning business specific language, protocols, procedures, how to apply for vacation, etc. Create a standard course that is dripped to them over time so they aren't overwhelmed with new information all at once.

New hire on-boarding
User training, legal training & role based training
30 Day money back guarantee

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