Right now we are still getting setup, but in the meantime here is a little bit about ourselves.

About EmailTrainer is a LMS (Learning Management System) but without the LMS ! By removing the barriers to learning our product makes learning more engaging.

EmailTrainer aims to give more control to the learner, allowing them to set the pace of their learning, while still motivating them to complete their online course.

EmailTrainer works well with

Especially for those businesses who don’t yet have a learning management system, we can help ! Perhaps you want to avoid the hassle and expense of installing (as well as maintaining) a complicated LMS like Moodle / OpenEdX. Here we will help put your educational material in the best format for email.

EmailTrainer has been used in the past for:

  • on-boarding new staff into a company with a course that introduces new staff to your company. Parts can include:
    • introduction to the language used at your company (acronyms, project names, etc.)
    • highlighting different department roles & their key people
    • IT security policies of the company
    • Requesting vacation & reporting sickness
    • etc.
  • CPD / CPE Continuous Professional Development / Education, many businesses are required to have a method for continuing education to maintain certification. Scheduling these courses in a smart manner means that your staff will remain certified.
  • mobile training, courses are designed to have multiple smaller parts. All information need to learn is contained in the emails meaning that learning on the go is possible.

Learning smaller pieces of information over a longer period of time helps with retention †. Courses can have a natural progression as they run, building on past pieces, or only introducing information when needed (i.e. learning about vacation benefits after 3 months).

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Right now we are helping clients arrange their CPD (Continuous Professional Development) training, and our system is great for that. You can schedule the start of your course, the frequency you want it to repeat as well as having an audit log of who is currently trained, and who is still in the process of training.

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† : Distributed Practice in Verbal Recall Tasks: A Review and Quantitative Synthesis – 2006

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