A smart autoresponder

A timed email series are a great way of delivering content to a list of users without overwhelming them. Applications such as education training courses are particularly suited to this method, where you send a small piece of training content at  regular intervals. The user gets everything they need to learn into their inbox and you don’t need to maintain a complicated system or support users when they need to remember their passwords to long in. 

Traditional autoresponder systems such as MailChimp or Constant Contact allow you to schedule delivery of your information at certain times in the future. Here the use case would be something along the lines of sending an email every week after the user signs up to your email list. These can be used to great effect to just push information at users.


One of the issues we’ve seen is that these systems are in fact a little dumb. How do you know if they user really understands what you’ve send them? Enter the concept of a smart autoresponder, such as EmailTrainerwhere you can parse responses sent to the autoresponder. A typical email would ask a question like:

  • how many states in the continuous United States ?
  • is the answer A / B / C / D

And the user would just click reply and enter their answer. EmailTrainer’s smart autoresponder can be set up to analyse answers. Such as 48 / forty eight or B in the example above. And thus you can measure how well the student is doing on your email course, or how good your teaching material is at explaining the particular topic. Testing or measuring your students understanding is a necessary feedback loop for any training course.

Continuous Training with autoresponders

The role of CPD (Continuous professional development) or CPE (continuing professional education) in maintaining industry standards continues to rise. This generally means that every year or at certain intervals, these users will need to retake the course. Our software handles it with a click of a button, just set how often you need to rerun the course and the users will be scheduled to receive it again and again. We’ve seen companies that need to deliver continuous training like

  • OSHA training
  • Fire Safety
  • IT security policies
  • Anti-trust training
  • Manual Handling in the Workplace

work particularly well. Our dashboard can also show you who is currently certified, who’s certification is about to expire and who is still training.

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